Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today was a bad day

Let's see my day started off with someone calling in sick so I had to do their job, only to find out that they slept late and came in when I finished the morning work. Then someone stole my lunch out of the fridge! grrr, this is the second time in two weeks this has happened, maybe someone is trying to tell me something? My work BFF bought me lunch, she's so sweet!! We had a party for our friend's birthday, and then I got a bunch of work dumped on me due to people who were laid off not doing their job before they left. My day got better after work, went and got pizza for dinner, and played in the yard with my son. When it started getting late we went in and played wii before bed.

I will tell you more about me next time. Have a great night all!!


  1. TY for commenting on my blog. I am now your follower. Look forward in reading more about you too.

  2. get updating so I can comment,....LOL