Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fed up?

Sorry it's been a while ince my last post. I'm trying to get better at this.

Right now I am really angry and discouraged and just ready to give up. This is going to be a long one, just warning you!! lol

My husband injured his should at work for the first time 2 years ago and then again last year. He was working with it injured and last March he had had enough of the pain. He called up our "Occupational" department and they advised to go to the clinic for work injuries. After being seen by the doctor there he was advised that he needs surgery and gave him a referral to New England Baptist Hospital. He went back to work handed in the paper and waited...he was denied Workman's Comp because he had worked with the injury for so long.

Long story short he went through our insurance for the surgery, was out for 4 months on Short term disability (which only pays 60%), and we had to pay out of pocket for physical therapy. When he went back to work the end of last month he was told to come back in 2 weeks for a check up to see how the shoulder was doing. At the 2 week check up he was put on a weight restriction with no lifting anything over 20 pounds. He was sent home the same day with work claiming that they have no light duty work for him.

He has now been out for 6 1/2 days and was told today that this is is NOT going to be paid time off. Even though it's not his fault that they can't do their damn jobs and give him light duty work. There is plenty of it to be done through out the building but they are not interested in helping him out to get him assigned there.

On a side note he has applied for at least 12 other jobs in the company that would have gotten him out of his current department and the heavy lifting. In fact he sat down with the 2nd in charge of HR and SHE wrote his resume for him personally. Unfortunatly she is not the one in charge of hiring for most of the jobs unless it's a managerial position.

So now my son's birhtday is in 3 weeks, and Christmas is a month away and my husband is back out of work for at least another 3 weeks with no pay. I don't know if I can pull Mason back out of daycare for the next 3 weeks to try to save some money and also pay my bills. We have already had to borrow a LOT of money from my mother-in-law while he was out before, there's only so much she can do for us.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

good day

Yesterday was a great family day. We went to Mason's soccer game, and then went to lunch at Friendly's with Dean's mom. After lunch Dean, Mason and I went through the corn maze and on the hay ride at Flint Farms down the street from our house. It was a great day outside. After the hay ride we brought Mason home to spend the night with my mom so that Dean and I could go to a wake. (I believe I mentioned in my last post that my Aunt's father in law passed away)

Mason came home nice and early this morning and we spent the morning cuddling on the couch together, all three of us. Right now Dean went out for coffee meet a friend he found on facebook that he hasn't seen in ages. Mason and I coloring and watching the Scooby Doo movie I recorded for him last night. After the movie is over we may go outside to practice soccer. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sad times

I know it's been a while, sorry about that. It's been a busy time.
This week was a tough week. A man that my husband and I worked with passed away 2 weeks ago. This past Wednesday my Aunt's father in law passed away from cancer. Yesterday there was a car accident in my home town of Whitman that killed one person and seriously injured another. I went to school with both of them. I graduated with the older brother of the boy that died.

The class of 98 from Whitman Hanson has lost many lives way to soon. It seems like once every 6 months we loose someone else from our school if not our class. It's so sad.

I hope everyone goes out and enjoys their weekend with the ones they love


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really don't like liars, really I don't. Or people who use other people to get what they want and then act as if everyone owes them something. If you didn't get off your lazy butt to help yourself no one owes you anything. period!
So we have these "friends" (and I use the term loosley) who we have helped out many times over the years, not that we could really afford it but we would do what we could. we lent them $100 when they were waiting for their taxes to come in because they had no food in the house. They were supposed to pay us back when they got their money, instead they stopped calling us or answering their phones and disappeared for 9 months. Then call us out of the blue one day and act as though nothing happened. REALLY?? So these friends let us borrow 2 movies (maybe 3 but I don't even know the name of the 3rd one so who knows) a while ago and out of the blue yesterday sent both of us NASTY text messages saying we lent you these and we want them back NOW. It was just worded really rudely, so I replied I thought we gave 1 back, 1 I don't recall us ever having and I don't know where the 3rd one is but I will look. So they then went to Dean and gave him attitude about it. Use the $100 you owe us and buy new ones. GRRRR

I have always like my job, ALWAYS liked this job. Not so much anymore. I am sick of being lied to, of having promises made and then not followed through. I don't appreciate being talked down to like I'm stupid when I know more than you do of what I am talking about. (Not you, but these people) Why hire someone as a manager or supervisor when they don't know crap about the job that those under them do?! In most if not all of my past jobs the managers could do the job of any one of it's staff in needed. (Sick, vacation, bereveament, really busy, whatever) but not here. Most of them haev no clue and then try to etll us we don't know what we are doing! GRRRRR

Sorry, as you can tell I'm having a bad day!! I hope it doesn't follow me to the doctor's appointment I have. I hope you are all having a better day than I am!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've gone off the deep end with my eating but I know what I have to do to get back on track. I've been so focused on the bad and not enough time on the good. Mason had a play date today with his friend Thomas and although it was fun, it was LOUD!!! Mason's a pretty quiet kid, Dean kinda forces it on him but Thomas is used to running his house so this was hard for everyone. After we played Monster Golf, we went to McDonald's for ice cream (yup I had one too) and they were like a bunch of wild animals, neither one of them wanted to listen and they fed off of each other. We had to sit between them so they would eat. I just realized i didn't take any pictures though :( oh well maybe next time. Well it's time to go see if I can find something to make for dinner.... maybe it will even be healthy-ish


Friday, September 3, 2010

Going nuts

So I haven't been on track with my calories lately. Well today I was but I went WAY over my cholesterol today. My morning started off with not hearing my alarm and waking up 10 minutes later than usual, then I got to work and was left with NO money or lunch :( because of that I got in a fight with my husband. I didn't care what I ate for breakfast because I wanted comfort food so bacon, egg and cheese on croissant here I come. DUH! really?? I know better, and even as I ordered it I knew better. You know what? It was delicious!! oh well, tomorrow's another day.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 things

So here are 10 things you may not know about me

1. I LOVE the color pink!

2. My son is my greatest achievement

3. I love Elvis (even though he died 2 years before I was born!)

4. I love tattoos and if I ever get enough money for another one it will be related to item number 3

5. I have a little sister who is 8 1/2 years younger then me

6. My mom and i have a love/hate relationship and are not getting along more often than we do.

7. I actually like my job (usually! lol)

8. I would rather communicate by text or email than by phone

9. I love my family

10. I lost my mentor, best friend and surrogate mom when I was pregnant with my son. I miss my Nana every day

So now you know!
thanks for reading!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Took so long

Sorry it took so long to update. I actually forgot how to get back here. I am new to the blogging world, so please bear with me! :) I actually started another blog too, for my weight loss journey! Click here to follow. (maybe? as I said I'm new!)

So I have been married almost 10 years in June to a great man named Dean. We have the most handsome, amazing son Mason who will be 6 in December. He has his first loose tooth!! Can you believe it?? He's starting kindergarten next month too. I'm so not ready for this!! can we go back to when he was a baby? I really miss that. My husband and I both work at the Red Cross, I've been there for 3 years and he's been there for 4 years. He's out right now due to an injury he got on the job. (That's another story on it's own!)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today was a bad day

Let's see my day started off with someone calling in sick so I had to do their job, only to find out that they slept late and came in when I finished the morning work. Then someone stole my lunch out of the fridge! grrr, this is the second time in two weeks this has happened, maybe someone is trying to tell me something? My work BFF bought me lunch, she's so sweet!! We had a party for our friend's birthday, and then I got a bunch of work dumped on me due to people who were laid off not doing their job before they left. My day got better after work, went and got pizza for dinner, and played in the yard with my son. When it started getting late we went in and played wii before bed.

I will tell you more about me next time. Have a great night all!!